Radio marketing has come a long way from recent years.   Today there are a few different ways you can advertise to radio audiences. Remember the old days? When AM & FM were the only options?  Thanks to technology, we now listen to satellite and internet radio like they were here all along.  Satellite and internet radio have taken listeners by storm!  It is the new trend, getting more popular each year.  Listeners can tune in on their smartphones or tablets, without having to fidget with antennas hoping to get a decent signal.   Most potential customers in today’s society have a smart device, and the age of carrying heavy boom boxes over your shoulder is over.  AM & FM can also be streamed through smartphones with downloadable applications. Radio advertising can now consist of an image with audio, video commercial, or downloadable application link for mobile devices.  These images and video content can be outfitted with links that create a great call-to- action for consumers by taking them directly to your website.  If you think you are ready to start your radio marketing campaign call the marketing experts at East Coast Advertising today! 

Radio Marketing
Radio Marketing

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