Need help with your social media marketing campaigns?  There are a few things you should know about social media marketing before you decided to throw in the towel.  Social media marketing is much more than just a simple message to consumers, rather functioning as the spokesperson for your organization. These ads are the best way to build brand loyalty and can give audiences something to look forward to each day. The biggest mistake that companies make:  becoming robotic with their social media campaigns.  There needs to be a level mixture of product and service marketing accompanied with down to Earth conversation starters. Customers who visit your social media page already have an idea of what your company is about.  Let your customers know that your business has a personality!


You post a message on your Facebook business page and get two likes.  One of them is from your mom and the other, your best friend.  Have you been down this road before?  Don’t worry, there is a reason this happens and you are about to find out why. Organic reach is not what it used to be.  Companies with 100,000 or more likes usually reach between 2 to 5% of their Facebook followers.  What is the main reason behind this you may ask?  Facebook needs to make money too. When you advertise on Facebook you are given the option of whether or not you would like to market to a target audience or the followers on your page and their friends. Basically, Facebook is making you pay to reach your followers.  Not fair right? Life isn’t fair sometimes, especially when you are dealing with a social media monopoly.  Facebook is an advertising network just as much as they are a social media network! 


Everyone in the social media scene used to brag about how many likes their page had.  Do likes even make a difference anymore?  Simple, it depends on your brand.  If you own John’s Ice Cream Shop and you are marketing for page likes locally, you are probably going to have a difficult time gaining followers. John’s Ice Cream Shop could easily get 3,000 likes on a post promotion, reaching 20k to 30k people, and spending $100 if the promotion is engaging, even in a local market.

I Heart Baseball decides they are going to take “the likes route” and see how many likes they can generate with a $10,000 investment.  They target the entire United States of America and get 250,000 likes in a few weeks time. Now I Heart Baseball can market organically.  Assuming they reach 2 to 5% of their followers with each post, would equate to 5,000 – 12,500 people reached organically.  Out of those 5,000 – 12,500 followers, they could receive anywhere from a few hundred likes to a couple thousand likes per post depending on how engaging the content is.

In conclusion, likes are rarely going to be worth the time for most companies.  Local companies should focus more on post promotion and website lead generation.  If people like what you are posting, they will most definitely like your page.  However, you must stay consistent with your social media marketing budget.

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Professional content is one aspect of social media that goes overlooked.  Is your image or video high quality resolution? Is your content engaging or just plain boring?  Is your message professionally written with proper grammar? Those are three questions you should know the answer to.  If one of these aspects is not correct it could throw off your entire social media marketing campaign. Not to mention you could label your brand or image in a negative way.  If you are having a hard time with your social media our marketing professionals are here to help!

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