Website Management

Website Management

Managed For Optimal Performance

Our website management experts make sure your site remains safe and continues to load fast to deliver the best possible user experience.

Website Management Services

Website Backups

Our team performs a daily offsite backup of both WordPress files and the database. 


Monitor Uptime

We monitor downtime of your site to determine if your website hosting plan needs to be upgraded.


Website Security

With the rise of online security threats and malware, we perform daily site security monitoring.

Themes & Plugins

In order to protect your website from potential security vulnerabilities, we perform weekly updates.

Browser Testing

We test your site across browsers and checking for issues with layout and formatting to ensure an optimal user experience.

Review Analytics

We monitor site growth, optimize pages that bring in the most conversions as well as tweak those that show visitors dropping off.

Loading Times

We optimize your website bi-weekly to maintain fast loading times so you don’t have to worry about users abandoning it.


Form Testing

We test each and every form monthly to ensure no inquiry, contact, or sale gets lost due to a non-working form.


Search engine optimization updates are performed on a weekly basis to ensure the highest ranking.


Quality Control

We track all website visits, calls, clicks & form submissions on a daily basis. We provide you with detailed analytics reports. 


We perform database optimization to ensure your website continues to operate at it’s peak performance.


We update the copyright information to reflect the current year so your customers are more inclined to contact you.

Maximize Your Website Investment

Website management entails a number of different services that are combined together so you don’t have to worry about running your website. Alot needs to goes on behind the scenes to make sure your website performs reliably, consistently. At East Coast Advertising, we take care of everything from complex technical tasks, website maintenance, security, data backups and more.